Our Facilities

Our Farms

Since cultivating first agricultural area from the farms of Elomda company , and we have felt with an obligation ought to be achieved in the local market as well the foreign market by producing the best quality from fresh Egyptian Fruits and Vegetables to suit all our clients and satisfy completely their expectations that principally represent in quality and obligation.

So, we have our farms, that whose their products are completely empty from diseases and obstacles of export and in concern with cultivating Potatoes, its cultivation empty from the disease of the brown rut and our farms inside B.F.A produce approximately 2000 Feddan with 25000 ton from export potatoes which are exported to Arab countries, European Union countries, and all eastern countries.

Also concerning citrates we have the farm that operate by recent irrigation for citrates whose area 3000 Feddan whose productivity 43000 ton approximately from citrates, also our policy is following at packing stations to preserve export’s products, in addition to other available for cultivating all vegetables.

Simple 3-steps process

We follow the best systems in the cultivation, care and harvesting of vegetables and fruits, in order to provide you with the best quality products.

Top products Quality

Hence, our company at the top by its policy that represents in continuous planning, and distinctive development, also the permanent obligation by our side with in the innovation across all these years where our site in Egypt shows definitely that our company is actually within the largest companies for production and export, where it owns vast areas from cultivated lands at regions vacant from disease and defects. Accordingly these lands by their rich natural resources are always motivating to cultivate Fruits and Vegetables

Scientific Background

In addition the their cultural background and its transference from generation to another so we have acquired great experience regarding exporting the agricultural crops by our care with the whole points in details that lead to products of high quality. Hence Green Hand Group became well-known and achieved remarks reputation in the market of vegetables and fruits so, we believe our company will continue the growth and the progress for the agricultural products. For this reason in the past tears our company became of the largest company.


Elomda station Commenced as a small station with one production line, produces 100 Ton from potatoes and onions per day, then after many years and den sing lines of production, we enabled from achieving large growth to have packing station from the longest station for packing and covering in Egypt, also we do our best continuously to develop these stations through providing the most up-to-date lines of production that enable us to produce more than 270 ton from potatoes and onions daily .